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Brochure Image/GIF

Verticrop Brochure Image (Design Communication, ACC) & GIF

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1984 Book Jacket

Book jacket – 1984 (Design Communication, ACC)

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Frank's Business Card Back

Frank’s is a fictional restaurant located inside the Guggenheim Museum in New York. These promotional materials were created for a Design Communication class at ACC

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Basketball Visual Instruction

bball instruction 1

For my Multimedia in Technology Applications class through UNT, I created a graphics-only instruction set, as well as other versions using various media. See the rest of them here

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Lil Dudiez!

Lil Dudiez Logo

I made these graphics for my cousin Dan, who makes awesome stuffed animals. Check them out at Lil Dudiez Facebook Page

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Fractal Graphic 2
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Sweet Leaf Beverage Company

Sweet Leaf VIP coupon-front

Back when I was an intern at Sweet Leaf, we had a lot of fun creating designs for coupons, shipping boxes, newsletters and more.

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