Transistors Logo

Transistors – ILT Materials

Animated instructor-led slide deck providing an overview of transistor technology: Function, synthesis, and basic mechanics, as well as its role in the evolution of modern electronic devices

Created with Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, and Animate

Text Video Logo

Generic Information Video

Ever see one of those videos on your news feed that combines images with flying text? They’re actually a very simple, effective way to communicate information, so I made one.

Created with Adobe After Effects

WebCamp Logo
WebCamp Logo

As the final project for my Tech-based Learning Environments course, I created coursework and design documents for a kids’ website design camp using Canvas LMS, InDesign, Google Slides and other software.

Javascript Logo

Learning Analytics
& Data Visualization

D3 is a powerful Javascript library used to create interactive charts and graphs. For my final project in New Technologies for Instruction (UNT Master’s class), I explored how the combination of learning analytics and D3 data visualization can help to improve faculty oversight and student achievement.

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How to Shoot a Basketball logo

How to Shoot a Basketball
– Multimedia Project

As part of my Multimedia in Technology Applications class, I produced this instruction using a wide array of media platforms. The purpose was to begin with basic text, and build the instruction using graphics, audio, video, and finally, a combination of many forms of media. Below are the graphics and video portions.

Blogger Logo

M.S. Learning Technologies Blog

For many of my Learning Technologies M.S. classes, I maintained blogs to track progress within the class, and to record my thoughts on Instructional Systems Design, New Technologies of Instruction and other related topics.

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Circle of Impermanence Documentary Logo

Circle of Impermanence
– Documentary

In 2005, a group of Tibetan monks came to St. Edward’s University in Austin, TX to create an intricate Mandala (sand painting) over the course of four days. We had the rare opportunity to film the process for a documentary class.